Project management is an oft overlooked but crucial aspect to every company’s success. A strong investment in project management sends a clear signal to both your team and to your clients that discipline, consistency and execution are hallmarks of every undertaking, from conception to completion.

Pitt Bull Secure Technologies’ project management team will work with you to understand not just what you want to accomplish, but how It should be accomplished. We take into account your company’s existing culture and work to integrate it with the Pitt Bull Way. Incorporating our tried-and-true standards and best practices with your individual approach produces results that far exceed a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach.

Specifically, we will work with you to clearly identify the vision and end-goal of your project and then implement the steps necessary to it come to fruition.

Bridging the Gap

Why do projects fail? Even under ideal circumstances, a litany of impediments threaten to derail projects: strict timelines, tight budgets, unfamiliar tasks, communication gaps. The ability to navigate all potential pitfalls requires striking a delicate balance between a rigorous, standard approach and the flexibility to make adjustments on the fly. In-project adaptability is a requirement.

Integration Management

Pitt Bull Project Manager’s experience and organizational structure ensures that your projects are properly coordinated. This includes organizing, guiding and resource scheduling over a multiple-phase project with competing vendors. Pitt Bull’s Project Management team’s communication, documentation and presentations meet or exceed the stakeholder’s needs and expectations.


Scope Management

Scope management encompasses two distinctive roles: Project Scope and Product Scope Management.

Project Scope Management involves information gathering, document preparation and all other needs required to start a project (IE Permits, Employee and Resource information, Qualification and Risk Assessment). Project Scope lays out all the stakeholder requirements, contract guidelines, and contractor needs, as well as outlines all product information chosen, the stakeholder’s purpose and maintenance guidelines expected from the contractor.


Time management

Time management is more than the ability to manage time well: it is the ability to react, change and adapt to unexpected circumstances. Successful project completion requires all resources and products be properly utilized so that the ever-changing project plan — and it will change, it always does — remains the focus.

Pitt Bull Project Managers are productive and ensure that projects stay on course. Every project has various time-wasters that slow production, cause unnecessary hurdles and increase costs. The Pitt Bull Project Management Teams are highly skilled in minimizing these issues; by coupling experience with a proactive approach, we are able to recognize and manage resources so that projects come in on time and at cost.

Cost management

Pitt Bull Cost Management (PBCM) measures the cost and productivity of a project through its entire life cycle, beginning with a baseline estimate and ending with product deliverables and covering everything in between. Our teams excel at limiting overages, eliminating unnecessary leftover materials and recouping costs via alternative methods.

Quality management

Pitt Bull Quality Management is comprised of four components: planning, quality assurance, quality control and continual improvement processes. It is a rigorous standard which ensures that outputs, benefits and the processes which guarantee all deliverables are supplied to the stakeholder are met to client satisfaction.

Human resource management

Pitt Bull Human Resource Management (HRM) advises an organization’s most valuable assets — the people involved with the project. By definition, HRM is involved in managing people to meet the needs of the organization, but Pitt Bull believes human resource management encompasses a large role: choosing the team so that strengths and weaknesses are balanced and compatible. HRM facilitates constructive alternatives, brainstorming and an open-minded point of view that aides in all other areas of the project.

Communication management

When projects stall or even fail, poor communication is often the culprit. Lack of communication limits the knowledge of all stakeholders and misrepresents the objectives and progress of the project. Pitt Bull Project Managers view communication as a weighty element in every project. When the team is in sync, success usually follows.

Risk management

Pitt Bull Risk Management identifies, analyzes and responds to averse factors throughout the life cycle of a project. Process controls are put in place from day one to assist in identifying possible future events. Reacting to risky events is crucial, but a familiarity with common threats eliminates most before they become imminent. This proactive approach keeps projects on-time and running smoothly.

Procurement management

Pitt Bull Procurement Management is able to obtain goods and services from outside companies, giving your company the best possible prices and the best possible solutions This goes beyond simple purchasing; for each project, Pitt Bull identifies unique needs, lays out product planning and develops a purchasing plan and deliverables schedule. This custom-fit approach lowers costs by purchasing only exactly what is needed to complete the project.


Programs & Projects

Our mission is to complete all projects on deadline and with a strong focus on being as cost-effective as possible. Our O.T.I.S. principals guide our teams from inception to completion: whether we are managing an entire project, mentoring a client’s team through a project or assisting in planning and reviewing, these core principals ensure our clients are provided with the best possible solution.

What are the Pitt Bull O.T.I.S. Principals?


Opportunities are everywhere. Leaning on our team’s knowledge to provide solid solutions, finding teachable moments for our client’s staff, capitalizing on our vendor relationships and critical issue awareness are huge pieces of the puzzle.


Our teams bring years of experience to the table. It goes without saying that we are leaders in team management, but Pitt Bull is also exceptional in product knowledge, acceptable practices and problem resolution. Our team is more than just a run-of-the-mill project team; we become the critical tool for successfully planning via technology road mapping and implementation services.


When dealing with integration projects, time and ability management are the biggest part of finding success. Pitt Bull teams are integration specialists which include highly trained manufacture specialists.


Our team is only successful when our clients are successful.

Leadership & Management

Pitt Bull’s project management teams are skilled in myriad areas.

Skill development

Pitt Bull offers training in staff assistance, skill-set goal objectives and management skills.

Mentoring Programs

Pitt Bull can be your IT department’s best mentor. Our clients no longer feel that they are on an island. There is always someone to call on in time of need.

Facilitation Guidance

Your Pitt Bull team will help you realize your facility’s vision and start building technology road maps to bring that vision to fruition.

Building a strong foundation

The strongest foundations are made up of various, complimentary components. Pitt Bull is the cornerstone of that foundation. Our teams have abilities and resources which can be brought to bear that other companies simply cannot.

Oversight & Governance

Pitt Bull’s abilities far surpass the technician and planning aspects of Information Technology. Our teams have vast abilities to assist and develop;

Security Auditing and Planning

Perhaps network security was unimportant in the past, but those days are long, long gone. Pitt Bull’s teams audit existing networks and then work alongside client’s to resolve all found issues.

Data Preservation

We are a data-driven society. Data is ubiquitous: sales, education, health, personal information — and so, so much more. Backing up that data with the latest technology is only the first, basic part of data preservation. Pitt Bull offers advanced planning and road mapping for data preservation.

Network Integrity

Integrity is more than just security. It’s having the full knowledge of your network, it’s capabilities, capacity, current status and future needs. Pitt Bull’s governance team provides the knowledge to make proper decisions for future growth and technology.

Disaster Recovery

Pitt Bull designs, implements and actively monitors disaster plans which ensure that facilities are ready to handle and respond to natural disasters, data disruptions and periods of outages.