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Network security and design is significantly more complex than it was even just a few years ago, and the pace of rapidly evolving threats shows no sign of slowing. Managing network security can be extremely difficult when you layer in the additional complexities of compliance mandates, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and mobility, lack of visibility and the requirement to quickly solve problems.

We provide a wide range of network security services and solutions to help you decipher new technology, understand which improvements are right for your infrastructure and separate real threats from security noise.

Why is security important?

21st Century cyber threats evolve daily, making it increasingly challenging to protect investments, data and identity. As news headlines have made clear, these attacks are increasingly the work of nation-states and sophisticated criminal networks. It is a global problem that affects everyone, in every industry, even down to small businesses and the household. If you are not currently proactive in safeguarding your network, technology, and usage habits, then you are unfortunately behind and vulnerable. PBST can help you address the cyber threats of today, while preparing for what lies ahead tomorrow.

How Can We Help?

Cyber Security Consulting

  • Network Vulnerability Assessments
  • Network Penetration Testing
  • Network Security Compliance Testing (PCI, HIPAA, ISO 27000)
  • Network/Technology Deployment and Usage Policy Reviews
  • Wireless Network Assessments
  • Web and Social Media Assessments

Cyber Security as a Service

  • Network Monitoring and Threat Detection
  • Network Vulnerability and Threat Remediation
  • Patching and Hotfix management
  • Firewall and Web Filter management
  • Social Media Threat Monitoring
  • Available-On-Call Technical Expertise

Professional Services

  • Project Management
  • Incident Reponse and Recovery
  • Next Gen Firewall Systems
  • Web Filtering Systems
  • Data Backup and Loss prevention

Who We Are

Overseen by co-founder and owner Robert Cannizzaro, our team has over 80 years of combined experience in network management and security.
As a trusted adviser in information security, Robert’s vast knowledge and training provide the foundation for an already accredited and experienced team.

  • 10 years actively serving in the United States Army
  • 29 years providing Data Center Management and INFOSEC with the Department of Justice/Federal Bureau of Investigation


  • Certified Information Systems Security Officer
  • Certified Information Security Manager
  • Top Secret security clearances

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